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1) what is paper printing?
A- Is a form of printing that uses heat to penetrate prints on fabrics.


2) what are the minimums?
A- if we have the print in stock than we can print 50 yards, if we needed to order the print for you, then our minimums are 500-1000 yards per color.


3) what are your delivery dates?
A- we usually can ship within a week if the print is in stock. If we need to order the print for you our delivery is 3 weeks Ex LA.


4) what information do you need to have on the purchase order?
A-to have a complete purchase order, we need to have the design number, color name, cuttable width, cancel date, price and form of payment.


5) can I get a strike-off or a pre-production sample?
A- yes, we can always send you a strike-off or a pre-production header prior to shipping.


6) how often do you get new prints?
A) we get new prints frequently, usually the beginning of every season.


7) do you have copyright?
A) Yes, all our prints have been copyrighted.


8)what fabrics do you print on?
A) we can print on all poly based fabrications. We stock in our warehouse many base fabrications, such as spun poly, laces, chiffons and novelty knits.


9)do you accept credit cards?
A) yes we accept all major credit cards except American Express.


10) can I sample a print?
A) yes you can sample up to 3 yards of a print if we have it available in stock.


11) can I change colors of a print? And what are the minimums?
A) yes you can change colors of a print. Give us your colors and we will recolor it for you. The minimums for recoloring are 1000 yards per color.


12) do you carry stock?
A) yes we carry many beautiful patterns in stock. We have over 10,000 prints in stock.